About Finding Purpose with Melanie

Melanie is a Psychotherapist and Life Coach  specializing in the Wellness Model. She works with clients across the lifespan, noting that each stage of life requires unique and different intervention approaches. The Wellness Model theorizes 6 domains essential to a person reaching a place of internal and external fulfillment; emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, physical, and social well-being. Melanie believes that most problems stem from a place of imbalance. When we are aligned, we feel good. When we are not, we notice.

Melanie’s approach to finding purpose include the following:

  •  Traditional Therapy is too “heady“. We can’t expect to just “talk about it”.
  • Perspective is subjective. YOUR story is your truth.
  • There is no “one way” to holistic living.
  • Healing is an intentional process and is not linear. Some days are great, others suck. We plan for both the rainy and sunny days.
  • Social Justice is at the core of identity. Race? Injustice? Systemic racism? We go there.
  • We re-write the narrative by understanding the lessons, not the mistakes.
  • We encounter problems, we are not the problems. 
  • If we are not sleeping enough, drinking enough water, getting daily movement, most likely… we are beginning to shift out of alignment.
  • Insecurity, self-esteem, body image , inadequacies, childhood trauma, relationship challenges, attachment styles…we go here too.
  • We are worthy of living a great life. We learn how to let this sink in.
  • We work to identify our strengths, values, and coping strategies to face the dragons when they arrive.
  • You are the hero of your story.



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