What people are saying

“Melanie helped me understand why my behavior made sense in the context of my life and how it was also holding me back. Together we created realistic goals to move forward that moved at my pace and held me accountable”.

— Jenny B.

“When I first met Melanie, I instantly felt emotionally safe because she was non-judgemental, kind, supportive, and genuine. She has such a warm and welcoming vibe. She helped me identify my power houses, develop wellness plans, and kept me accountable each week.

— Jamie L.

Welcome! I am so happy that you decided to commit to improving the quality of your life!

I created Holistic Wellness with only one vision in mind; to create a community of like-minded people who aim to restore natural balance in their life.

As a Psychotherapist, balance is at the core of my practice.

I help individuals create simple shifts in everyday living that improve all 8 pillars of wellness; mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual, financial, occupational, and environmental.

You’d be surprised how all things are connected.

You deserve to take up space.

You deserve to feel good.

When Melanie is not wearing her therapist hat, she enjoys tough workouts, yoga, long walks on the beach, listening to music, hiking, engaging in stimulating conversations, reading, and writing poetry.

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Weekly Wellness

Check-in & Commit


Working with Melanie is easy. Email her directly. Provide a summary of where you would like to grow and develop and what you hope to get out of coaching.

Melanie is currently accepting *Coaching Clients Only.

*Coming Soon in 2023: Amini Wellness Virtual Clinic. Book Mental Health Therapy Sessions online from the comfort of your home.