Small Positive Choices Daily

By: Melanie Amini-Hajibashi, Licensed Professional Counselor

Here is the magic formula to success; small positive choices daily. This simple rule alone can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Many of us create goals for the long-game, but neglect the importance of the small game. Small positive choices daily increase the chances for long-term success. For example, the simple goal of increasing daily water intake improves mental clarity, focus, and emotional regulation. Choosing to pack lunches for work instead of buying food aligns with the financial goal of saving. Talking to family daily through a text or phone call aligns with social connection, and taking 30 minutes to listen to a podcast, read a book, or watch a youtube video aligns with intellectual wellness.

Building self-trust is a fundamental tool for success. Many of us create goals but quickly loose momentum. Eventually, we stop all together. These small ruptures in self-trust begin to create internal beliefs of failure. Why keep trying? With small positive choices daily, we begin to rebuild and heal our self-sabotaging patterns.

Give yourself one or two goals to be intentional on per week. For seven days, I am going to commit too XY&Z. Make them easy and realistic for your life. I want you to succeed. Easy and realistic goals in the beginning allow you to follow through on commitments.

I love to align my small positive choices daily to my values. When I align my choices to my values I click into purpose. Below are a list of my current daily choices.

  1. Work at the coffee shop every morning for 1 hour on my personal goals.
  2. Drink one big glass of water in the morning.
  3. Spend 15 minutes journaling, meditating, or stretching
  4. Do at least one thing weekly for someone else.

What will you commit to this week to rebuild self-trust, align with purpose, and improve the quality of your life? Success is built one decision at a time.

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