Aligning back to center.

“The body is communicating. Are you listening?”

            The coffee shop is buzzing with conversation. I am sitting by the window sweating because the sun is hot and it’s beaming on me.  I’m not upset. The plant next to me is happily soaking up the rays and lord knows I need the vitamin D.

            I just finished cleaning the coffee off the floor that spilt. I tried to move the table and a leg piece fell off causing the entire table to topple over in slow motion. As I attempted to soak up the coffee with paper napkins, I couldn’t help but smile at the little opportunities to practice and model peace and grace.

            Today I am writing to you to discuss the importance of centering your energy back to peace and balance. Imagine spilling coffee all over the floor and being dysregulated? The situation could have gone entirely different. Dysregulation is easy to spot. Irritability, frustration, yelling, excessive talking, avoidance, are all typically signs. Imagine the woman in the grocery line complaining about the wait time or the family member who gets angry at holidays.

            When I think of centering energy, I like to imagine a straight line starting at the top of my head all the way down to the earth. When I am balanced, I am in the middle of this line. When I am not, I can feel the imbalance; too far left or too far right. A good rule of thumb is, “I’m either feeling great or I’m out of alignment.

            As much as I love mantras and positive affirmations, controlling our thoughts to shift us back into balance doesn’t guarantee certainty. Attending to our body however can. Food contributes to depression and anxiety. Lack of physical movement contributes to feeling sluggish. Dehydration contributes to lack of mental focus, fogginess, irritability, and binge eating.

            I hear over and over again that when people go to the gym, they ALWAYS feel better. When people drop the processed foods for more clean ingredients, they FEEEL better. When people drink enough water, they FEEL better. When people go for walks, THEY FEEL BETTER. So, what’s the hold up?

            Taking time to recenter our energy is vital to maximize our performance. What helps you feel calm inside? For me, exercise is one of the most centering activities in my toolbox. There is nothing more calming than a workout that pushes my heart beat to explosion and cleanses toxins out of my body through sweating. I also love going for a walk on a warm day and drawing or crafting.  

            Beginning the day with centering activities like setting an intention, meditation, a quiet 5 minutes, or a book, can create peaceful energy for the entirety of your day. What could you do daily to center yourself? The body communicates to you every day. Drop in and listen. What can you do today to realign back to your place of center?

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