Reconnecting with Intuition

Inside all of us lies the intuitive voice of our inner wisdom. The familiarity in a face, the whispers of another path calling, the small aches in our heart when decisions are made that aren’t quite what we want. Intuition speaks in many different ways. We are spiritual creatures having a very human experience. Inside all of us rests a waterfall of inner knowing.

One of my greatest lessons has been learning to trust my signs, cues, and path pivots. I have been learning how to quiet my mind and body to listen for the small whispers of the Universe. Today, I hope to offer you some strategies that have helped me feel safe again to reconnect to myself.

* Become curious when the disconnect happened. Retracing our steps can provide a vast array of self-awareness.

* Slowing down to tune in. Our bodies are ancient beings and they speak to us every day. Engaging in mindful awareness through activities such as body scans can help us know what different emotions feels like. When we label our body experience, we notice its message. For example, when I experience fear, I notice heat underneath my breastbone.

* Honoring the pulls. The Universe (insert name of higher power for you here) speaks to me through sensations of pulling. When have you felt the pulls? Maybe it was the pulls for a new job, a new relationship, or the pull to speak your truth to a friend, family member, or colleague. When you feel the pull, lean into it and listen for the answer for the pull.

* Setting boundaries and honoring commitments. Sometimes, it is the people closest to us that violate our boundaries. Something happens and we feel the inner guidance speak, but we suppress our truth for fear of rupturing the relationship. However, if we do not set firm boundaries, we disconnect from our inner truth because there is a constant lying to ourselves and decision-splitting. Honoring commitments includes reforming trust within yourself. If you say you are going to do something, do it. Every inner commitment and follow-through that you engage in, creates trust within yourself.

* Engaging in more activities that make you feel at peace. Our inner guidance does not yell and does not wear the mask of judgment or criticism. When we engage in more activities that bring us peace, we are more aligned to our center and can listen without distraction. Activities that bring me peace including walking, listening to calming music, journaling, and coloring. If you are uncertain of what brings you peace, start as an explorer. Commit to exploring one activity every day for 5 minutes and gage your emotional radar.

Above are strategies that have worked for me. I am still exploring and reconnecting to myself every day. As a community, have you ever felt disconnected from yourself? From your inner wisdom? What are some strategies that helped you re-center back into yourself? What are some situations that caused the rupture in the first place?

Be well my friends,


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