Releasing yourself from yourself.

Everyday is a new day to begin again.

Hampster wheel

But first, we must choose everyday to release the old version’s of ourselves that no longer serve us. The human brain loves pattern repetitive, structured, consistency.  When children are introduced to new ideas without having the cognitive development to understand what they have seen, the brain begins to search the environment to make connections. The brain loves to bath in safety and familiarity. Known chaos is better than unpredictable chaos. That is why victims of domestic violence for example go back to their perpetrators or individuals who experience abuse as children may search for chaos in adulthood.

The mind is a muscle. What we focus on expands. If individuals want to release old versions of themselves, it is going to take intentional action. This intentional action rests in rewiring more empowering believe systems, changing friends, cleaning out your space, and periods of loneliness and isolation.

Our environments have a profound influence on our success of change. Take for example someone who is recently sober from alcohol. If they return out of rehab and go back to the old apartment with their friends who are still drinking, swimming in old memories, it is likely the individual will experience intense trigger withdrawals and relapse. On the other hand, if an individual joins a group of sober friends who meet daily for supportive recovery talk, they are more likely to continue the journey of healing.

Even our bodies need detoxification and releasing of old versions of ourselves. It is no coincidence that Lizzo says in her sound “truth”, “shampoo press get you out of my hair”. Try eating raw food for one whole day. Drink enough water, or  try tea instead of coffee. Drink and pee. Drink and pee. Our bodies need to replenish. Go for a walk in nature. Breath deeply.


Changing beliefs may sound daunting. It is and it is not. I suggest starting with the creation of a vision board. I love the use of vision boards because the human brain loves direction. The brain is like a police drug dog. Give it something to smell and it will go and find it out in the environment. Changing our beliefs begin by creating new dreams. Who do I want to become? After, it is about breathing life into those dreams in small intention ways every day. Even if that is a small affirmation, “you’ve got this”. Or a big decision like, “I’m going to leave the job”. Breath life into your new self.

vision board.jpg

A large and important component to release your old self is to forgive yourself. Many of us hold onto the past because we think we deserve to hurt, suffer, and not grow. You deserve to allow yourself permission to forgive what you have done, learn from the lesson, and continue moving forward.

Remember, the only true place you are is in the here and now.






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