To experience life healed is not

paulo coelhooutside of ones reach. Healing Melanie provides insight into the lessons learned needed for specific healing points in Melanie’s journey. Although each human being walks their own path, we are more similar than different. Regardless of the external experience, we all experience the same emotions.


My purpose for providing insight into my perspective is to use my story as a manual for healing. With intentionality, bravery, and the ability to endure my own darkness, I have traveled through the layers of my fragile ego and found the hidden light source that resides within. Day to day activities both challenge, stretch, and strengthen me as they do for you. My greatest accomplishment in life will be to get to know myself and transition from “getting to know” fully living in the present moment as one. Together, we will unify all parts of self to live a more whole and healed life.


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