Structure of Sessions

what to expect  Those who work with a Life Coach seek personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

Life Coaching is not “therapy”, and is not meant to diagnose, or treat for possible or existing Mental Health needs.

The Structure of a Session

I. Clearing, Setting The Space & Guiding Principles

Clearing: Staying present in a session is vital. But, we know life happens. In the beginning, the coach will ask you if you would like to clear anything that may be prohibiting you from being completely present in the session. Clearing is a way to release  your mind and help you stay present in the session. Maybe you need to return a call/text, send an email, use the bathroom, or get out the frustration of traffic.

Setting The Space & Guiding Principles: Learning is vulnerable, especially when it is new material and it is focused on you. When we set the space, we will go over self-care, the location of the lavatory, water, and anything else you may need. After, we will go over Guiding Principles. The Guiding Principles are thoughts to consider while we are working together. After the first session, we will not need to go over the Guiding Principles but will reform to them as fit. 

II. Intention Setting & Coaching

Intention Setting: Each session is for you and set by you. An intention is the focus or aim  you would like to session to explore. Maybe there is an issue at work that is tugging at you, maybe things in your relationships are just not working, maybe you wake up feeling drained and never truly wake up, maybe work no longer fulfills you in the way you expected. You do not need to come to a session with an intention. The coach is trained with different tools to help  you set an intention that feels right. Sometimes the focus of the session is to find an intention. Also note, where we start may not be were we finish. 

Coaching: After you have set your intention, we will begin coaching by exploring deeper the intention, getting clear on what we want, where we are, and where we want to go. The coaches job is not to give you answers but listen for what is working, what is right, and giving you the support, acknowledgement, and love you need to break through blockages and gain clarity.


IV. The Request

The Request: Coaching is not about “venting it all out”, then going home. Coaching provides tangible action steps to move you in the direction of your desires. At the end of every session, you will set a request you will make of yourself. The request can either be a progressive action step, or a “being” state. In the next session, we will check in to see how things went. You cannot do this wrong!




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