The Trauma Response

Fight, flight, freeze, fawn; the body’s response to survival. The primitive rawness. With only one goal in mind; survive at all costs.

Our brains utter, “remember the details to survive”. Remember the smells, the colors, the temperature, the tone of voice, the street name, the kind of car, the license plate. Avoid these things at all costs. Triggers.

If our brains were not fully formed, the memories are coded in the senses. Maybe it’s not Deja Vu…

Sometimes the traumatic event is so stressful, our bodies code it into our DNA. Sometimes, the trauma never started with you. Generational trauma.

If you learned to survive in chaos, it makes sense that chaos becomes safe. We re-create our trauma in a lot of different ways. Patterns repeat themselves.

Trauma is sometimes marked by huge events and sometimes hidden in the small moments laced in shame, embarrassment, and feelings of not belonging. We’ve all experienced trauma.

It is not your fault what happened. It is your responsibility to learn and heal from it.

Healing begins with learning how to soothe the body and with a curiosity of yourself. Healing begins with compassion and love. Healing begins with shining the light on all the parts of yourself that are avoided and hidden. Healing begins with bringing a voice to your story.

As Poet Rumi says, “the wound is where the light enters you”.

One day, with a lot of love, grace, and patience, the trauma finds a home in the past. Our bodies learn how to live in states of calm. We become aware and we consciously choose a new path. One day at a time.

I believe in our abilities to heal from the past and move forward to create a life rich in abundance and love. Our brain is capable of changing. I have witnessed the journey of trauma healing in many people…Most importantly within myself.

You are worthy. Remember that.

Let’s talk later,


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